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California Dress Code for Public Schools:

The General Dress Code require that student clothing must not be "Dirty, Dangerous or Distracting." This requires that a few guidelines be followed.

  • Clothing must be clean and hygenic.
  • Chains, spikes, and excessively baggy clothing are not allowed. Also, attire which is associated with gangs or other criminal entities is prohibited.
  • Excessively revealing or provocative clothing is not allowed. Also prohibited are items bearing messages related to or encouraging sexual activity and/or drug and alcohol consumption.  

Garvey School District Uniform Policy:  

Temple Intermediate adheres to the Garvey School District Uniform Policy which requires students to observe the following guidelines:

  • All clothing must be navy blue and/or white. Exceptions are made for warm outer clothing during the colder months, however these items must still adhere to the Dress Code.
  • Students may wear jeans and overalls as long as they are blue or white.
  • No clothing may be worn which bears a commercial logo larger than the width of the palm of an adult hand.
  • Clothing of other colors may not be worn under the school uniform.