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Message from the Principal

Hello Everyone,


Welcome to Temple Intermediate School, Home of the Knights! Our goals for the students here are fairly simple: 1) Learn  2) Have fun.  We work towards these goals with a mindset of keeping the proper time and place for everything in perspective. There is a time to work and there is a time to play.  The appropriate behaviors should take place in each setting.


Each classroom has a highly qualified and credentialed teacher assigned to it.  All of our students have access to current curriculum in core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies). In addition, students have access to a wide variety of elective courses to stimulate their interest in various forms of Art and Technology.  In these settings, we focus on the learning portion of school.  Our aim is high student achievement as a result of quality teaching paired with focus and discipline on part of the students.  Ultimately this formula will help them to be successful in the classrooms when they attend high school and beyond.


Outside of the classroom, we have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to engage students in the lighter side of student life.  Our various clubs, athletic teams and student body associations create an environment where students can enjoy interacting with their peers in a relaxed setting where they can unwind and have fun.  These settings are where we emphasize the fun portion of school. We value humor, fun and recreation as we aim to teach students the importance of balance.  Just as playing all the time, without taking the time to work hard and learn is not good, working all the time, without taking time to enjoy life is not good either.  


Finally, we also understand the fact that school and life do not come easy for everyone.  We understand there is a need for additional support in the areas of Academics, Home Life, Social-Emotional Wellness, Physical Health and Mental Health.  We have a support staff of nurses, counselors, psychologists and parent liaisons.  They are here to provide additional support so that students can succeed in spite of life's obstacles.


Ultimately, we (parents, community and school) are one team with a shared desire- for our students to have a positive 7th Grade and 8th Grade experience, that will launch them to successful high school years and beyond.  It is my pleasure to work with you all in this endeavor.  Everything is going to be just fine!

Truly Yours,
Dr. Robert J. Boyd III