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Incentives and Awards

Temple Intermediate PBIS

Incentives and Rewards for Appropriate Behaviors


Temple Intermediate has a “rewards” system that allows for all staff to recognize positive student behaviors which is tied to incentives such as:


PBIS Store: A store with various items that students have identified as desirable.  These items may be purchased using R.I.D.E Cards.


Game Chamber:  Several TV/Video Game Consoles are located in a designated room. On designated days, this room will be made available for students to use the TV/Video Game Consoles and will be called the Game Chamber. Students can purchase tickets for admission to the Game Chamber at the PBIS Store.


R.I.D.E Cards/R.I.D.E Stamps: Every student at Temple Intermediate will carry a R.I.D.E. Card.  These cards are blank with only the student’s name and 20 squares (10 on each side). Students recognized for appropriate behavior by any staff member who chooses to do so, will receive a R.I.D.E Stamp on their R.I.D.E Card from that staff member. R.I.D.E cards with stamps may be used as currency at the PBIS Store.


Knights of Honor Awards Ceremony: At the end of Trimester 1 and Trimester 2, each teacher will choose students to be recognized who have shown academic achievement, exemplary effort or outstanding citizenship.  These students will be honored at 2 ceremonies call Knights of Honor (one for each trimester).