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Knights R.I.D.E. in Recent Competitions

On Saturday, March 2nd, Temple students participated in L.A. County History  Day and Mark Keppel Math Field Day.  Both events turned out to be huge successes for the Temple Knights!

20 Temple students participated in the LA County - National History Day competition at San Gabriel High School. This year's theme is "Turning Points in History."
Temple did extremely well, by taking home15 medals and 2 "Finalists Recognitions". Of those 15 Temple Knights who medaled, 11 were selected as champions and will have the opportunity to represent LA County at the State competition in April! 
Below is a list of the projects and their results. 
Jr. Group Website:
Project Title: "April 30, 1975: A Turning Point for Vietnam"
Students: Athena Quach, Zifeng Huang, and Kaylyn Truong
Jr. Group Documentary: Finalists - top 7
Project Title: "Turning Points in History: The Elephant and Donkey’s Political Exchange"
Students: Roberto Partida, Jocelyn Tang
Jr. Group Website: Honorable Mention
Project Title: "1960 Paralympics: A Turning Point for Athletes with Physical Disabilities"
Students: Sophia Cao, Joanna Duong, Han Chu, and Silvia Damn
Jr. Individual Website: Champion 
Project title: "Turning the Opinion of Death to Life: Furman v. Georgia"
Student: Anson Thong
Jr. Group Performance: Champion
Project title: "Charlie Parker: Transformative Movements in Jazz"
Students: Justin Copeland, Kaylee Tran, Haylie Lin, Jaelyn Ung, and Layla Vargas
Jr. Group Documentary: Champion
Project Title: "The Bracero Program: A Turning Point for Mexican Migrant Laborers"
Students: Evenlyn Navarro, and Jessica Navarro
Jr. Group Exhibit: Champion
Project Title: "To the Hip, Hip-Hop and You Don’t Stop: Turning the Tables on Music History"
Students: Emily Huang, Megan Phan, and Hilary Hung
In addition to our success at History Day, the Temple Academic Competition Team sent 21 students to participate in the Math Field Day at Mark Keppel High School. The team won awards in the following categories:
1st place - Annahi Tejeda-Lomeli, Colin Gu, Anthony Wu, Carter T Hoang, and Sereen Cong
Math Trivia:
2nd place - Eden Kuang, Manki Zhang, Windy Fu, and Tony Le
Final Round:
2nd place - Eden Kuang, Manki Zhang, Windy Fu, and Qiaomin Wang
A special "Thank You" goes out to our Faculty Coaches: Ms. Anderson (History Day), Mr. Diep (History Day) and Mr. Ha (Math Field Day). Your support and dedication to our students is appreciated beyond words!  Knights R.I.D.E!