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7th  Grade Science and 7th & 8th Science Fun Elective

Hello and welcome to this web page. Students and Parents from my science classes can find class information here: 
Check student class grades on the the Aeries website...   
(to set up parent access to Aeries, contact the school librarian for assistance:
Parents can also have their children sign into Aeries and all grades from all classes will be viewable...
Instructions for September 23, 2020 (Back to School Night - 6pm to 7:30pm)
      1) watch the video      2) Go to the form link and fill out student's number-name-period    3) greet Mr. Wong - live over zoom (option available after you fill out the form link  4) leave and go visit other teachers and classes at Temple
Click below to view the Back to School video:  Info about 7th grade Science 2020...
       1) watch video here by clicking the blue link...
       2) fill out form here by clicking the red link.
      3) greet Mr. Wong live (if you want) 
     4) leave this web page and visit another teacher / class...